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One Life: Chapter 20 :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 41 72
Mature content
One Life Ch.19: Moving On :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 45 64
Christmas Blue by Mmoirai Christmas Blue :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 9 17
One Life Ch.18 'Without You'
Disclaimer:  I do not own or profit from Inuyasha.  It is the creation of Rumiko Takahashi, and I thank her for the use of her lovely characters.
A Quick Review of 'One Life':
Rin has grown into a beautiful, intelligent, devoted, passionate young woman and has fallen in love with Lord Sesshoumaru, but she struggles against feelings of inadequacy concerning her humanity.  Lord Sesshoumaru is the same powerful, stoic demon lord of the western lands that he has always been, though now the time has come to complete the peace treaties with the Northern territories; Treaties that require his marriage to the Northern Lord's daughter.  But, something is wrong.  He finds himself more and more distracted by his beautiful young ward and it disturbs him.  He seeks out a mate for her that not only will get her out of his way, but which will also seal a treaty with the central trade routes.  But, Sesshoumaru discove
:iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 50 144
One Life Ch.17: Pulse...
Chapter 17: "Pulse..."
Sesshoumaru's head shot up, his eyes going to the young woman's face.  She lay completely limp in his arms, not a flutter of an eyelash, no intake of breath, no movement at all.  She was dead.
His confused gaze shot to the sword in his hand.  It pulsed its calling once again.  But when his golden eyes roamed over Rin's form once more, there were no guardians from the underworld to slice through.  There were no demons to battle for Rin's captured spirit.  
But the sword was alive and demanding in his hand.  Demanding that a spirit be set free from the clutches of death.  Demanding that a life be returned.  A sickening thickness landed in his stomach as he slowly turned to look at the frozen body of his slain enemy.  Kane lay motionless, a solid block of ice now.  Slowly, he approached the tiger's body and as he came closer, Tensaiga pulsed again.
The sword's intentions were suddenly clear.  Not him.  Sesshoumaru gripped the sword tig
:iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 34 43
One Life Ch.16 When We...
Chapter 16:  When We Meet Again
Rin couldn't believe her eyes!  Her heart shuttered to a painful halt as she stared wide-eyed at the form holding her in an iron grip, her mind violently rejecting what her vision beheld.
Se…Sesshoumaru-sama!  No!  He's dead!   Her inner voice of reason shrieked at her.  That solid, knowing, reason which was founded on Master Kane's assurance of her Lord's death, founded on the last image she had of him.  The memory of what happened burned across her mind as she stared at him.
She had screamed until her throat was raw as they dragged her through the trees.  And then she had screamed until there was no sound left.  She had struggled and fought, all the while, her only thought being of Sesshoumaru.  The creature dragging her struggling body had snarled, growled, howled, and laughed as the others that followed slashed at her broken body.
:iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 29 32
Mature content
Lone Unfaltering Shadow... :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 11 25
One Life Ch.15 Time Cannot...
Chapter 15:  Time Cannot Erase
"I suppose I should give you this before you go.  It is yours after all."  Totousai's old voice piped up behind Sesshoumaru just as he was about to depart.  He turned, annoyed by the delay, to see what it was that the old smith was babbling about.  But when the old man held out something wrapped in a raggedy cloth, he froze.  He had forgotten about it.  He stood staring, unblinking at the small parcel unable to stop the memories from flooding his mind.
"I infused it with the strand of hair as you instructed.  It turned out rather well if I do say so myself.  I wish I didn't have to part with it so soon."  The old smith stated proudly, but his proud stance sagged as Lord Sesshoumaru continued to merely stare at the unwrapped cloth.
"Well do you want it or not?"  Totousai rasped impatiently.
Golden eyes sharpened on the old man and Sesshoumaru took a step forward, causing the smith to shrink back.  "Show your respect for the object you are holding, T
:iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 27 13
Mature content
Warmth In The Rain :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 27 29
One Life Ch.14 My December
Chapter Fourteen:  My December
Sesshoumaru woke with a start.  The room he was in was dimly lit with the warm orange glow of the oil lamps that hung on the walls.  He was in his bed, in his own room.  
His own bed.  
Damn he was thirsty.
He moved to sit up and his head began to swim.  His body ached all over and his chest hurt.  He burned with pain from the inside out, and every movement, every breath he took sent a shock of sharp pain through him.   He slowly lay back down and looked down at his bandaged chest letting out a growl in frustration.  Memories, fleeting images, flashed through his mind's eye.  He remembered to troll attack.  He remembered being run through and how he had been too weak from the poison to transform.  He remembered fighting with his last ounce of strength, fighting against the overwhelming agony and heaviness that had overcome h
:iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 25 4
Mature content
One Life Ch.13 Farewell :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 39 14
Mature content
My December :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 13 25
Mature content
One Life Ch.12 Last Night... :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 41 12
One Life Ch.11 What Secrets...
Chapter 11: What Secrets Lie in Oblivion
The creature came to rest in the dark recesses of the cave, his beady eyes perfectly adjusted to the dim light, and snarled in rage.
"Fucking InuYokai!"  He hissed as he began to pace back and forth.
"The master will not be pleased by this at all!"  
Thoughts of hatred and death came crashing through his inferior mind remembering his master.  He had dreamed up a thousand different deaths for his master, each more gruesome than the last.  But, he had served this powerful and hated demon for centuries now.  
All for what?
He could barely remember why he, the most feared and respected, the most powerful of his kind, was bowing to this demon.  
But, remember he did.  
The treasure.
The master had promised the sword as payment all those centuries ago.  The sword of life was a valuable piece of treasure.  He ached with the need that had gro
:iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 30 8
One Life Ch.10 Things That...
Chapter 10: Things That Go Bump In The Night
Sesshoumaru materialized in Rin's room in the next instant and took in every detail in the blink of an eye.  Rin stood in her nightgown with her back against the far wall across from the window.  She gripped her short staff in a white-knuckled grasp and her eyes were wide with terror as she stared at the window.  He sensed her heart beat racing and smelled the fear rolling off of her in waves.
"There's…there's…s..s..something trying to get into my w..window!"  She whispered hoarsely, her eyes glued to the window.
Lightning flashed outside and a bulky black silhouette outlined her window.  In a flash, Sesshoumaru was at the window, his arm shot out to grab the intruder, vaguely aware that he had gashed his arm on the splintered wood of the windowsill.  He grabbed only emptiness a he tried to catch sight of the fleeing figure, but could see nothing but the blackness of night.  Just then, Lord Kazuo burst through the door, his snow white
:iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 34 5
Mature content
One Life Ch.9 Past Present :iconmmoirai:Mmoirai 32 14

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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING "ONE LIFE"!!!!!!!!! it kept me on my toes and it is something i have wanted to read for some time!! excellent!!!! YEEEE!!!!!
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Thank you for reading my story. I'm so very glad you liked it. It was fun to write.
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I just loved One Life. I actually almost cried in your emotional description of the misunderstanding betrayal! Not common for me :) so good work! The fact that you spent so long on the story shows your dedication to proper detail.
Not only being a good writer but even your art is fantastic! The realistic Sess&Rin piece is beautiful in color and each character's concept of appearance. Very believable and likable. Glad I first found you on!

(now...I'll peek through your gallery :D)
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Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!
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